"Urban Test Facility"

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As part of a continuing creative collaboration with Innocean Canada, Dashing re-visited Hyundai's test facility to put the new Elantra GT through it's paces. Brought to life by Chris Sargent, we see the GT twist and turn through filmic projections of the outside world until magically we are driving down a residential street.

With a month long schedule, it was our huge task to ensure the quality of the photo-real environments and visual aesthetic matched the demanding needs of creative.

It was great to be able to revisit what we created in the Engineering campaign and evolve the environment, adding details and texture that made it feel even more grounded in reality. The filmic grit of director Chris Sargent's style made it an interesting creative departure, introducing light, flaring and grain that contrasted the very clean, futuristic visuals from the original campaign.


Hyundai Canada
Advertising Agency
Innocean Worldwide Canada
Creative Director
Gary Westgate
Art Director
Damon Crate
Nelson Quintal
Agency Producer
Alina Prussky
Production Company
Soft Citizen
Chris Sargent
Director of Photography
Stuart Graham
Executive Producer
Link York
Line Producer
Tony DiMarco
Mark Paiva
Executive Producer
Michelle Lee
Visual Effects
Dashing Collective
VFX Supervisor
Robert Moggach
VFX Producer
Mary Anne Ledesma
CG Supervisor
Sebastian Bilbao
CG Lighting
Aylwin Fernando

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