American Gods

Season 2 "Hall Of The Gods"

  • Television

Tendril is a wonderful design and animation studio based in Toronto. They're known for their ability to approach a creative vision with thoughtful and playful originality.

For the first episode of the second season, director Christopher Byrne approached Tendril's Creative Director Chris Bahry to dig in to the history and the mythology of the gods portrayed and give them a visual design with real "gravitas". Months of research and design resulted in some compelling concept and reference from which I was asked to develop a VFX process alongside Chris to deliver the 75 shots in the sequence in an accelerated schedule.

The result is what you see here. It was challenging with so many FX requirements and certainly corners were cut as we raced to the finish. The result however was compelling as usual for Tendril and full of happy accidents we would not have planned on in a longer production. The culture of Tendril and the crew involved came together to make something truly special.


Design & Animation
Executive Producer
Kate Bate
Creative Director
Chris Bahry
Visual Effects
VFX Supervisor
Robert Moggach

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