"First Is Forever"

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Vico Sharibani from The Artery in NYC approached me with the opportunity to co-direct two fully CGI spots with friend and past collaborator, Paul Cameron. As well as direct the spots, I was tasked with VFX Supervising what would ultimately be a revolutionary, non-traditional process.

Early in our pre-production it was clear that location independence was going to be essential. Paul was in LA, I was in Toronto and Vico and our production team were in NYC. I built a satellite studio in Toronto with local crew I trusted and started designing, building and concepting. As we began our previs remotely we ran into challenges with the time it took for Paul to be happy with the camera work. Needing to get a camera in his hand, I approached my good friend Scott Metzger from Nurulize to see if his software had progressed to the point where we could do remote VR sessions.


The Artery
Executive Producer
Deborah Sullivan
Paul Cameron, ASC
Robert Moggach
Vico Sharibani
Visual Effects
The Artery
Creative Director
Vico Sharibani
Lynzi Grant
VFX Supervisor
Robert Moggach

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