Bud Light

"Big Bang"

  • Advertising

Thousands of frames per second produced minutes of footage ultimately compressed into a fun, blistering pace, 30 second spot.

The Bolt camera is a wonderful piece of technology and combined with the Phantom camera we started in a creatively flexible place. The shoot was a spectacle to witness with the incredibly high speed of the rig in close proximity to the talent.

For VFX, CG droplets and beer foam were thanks to a regular collaborator, CG Supervisor Lorne Kwechansky. Hardave helped with much needed comp support.

I ran the flame and developed tools for all three platforms (Nuke, Houdini, Flame) to programmatically rebuild the complex retimes seamlessly in correspondence with overlength CG tracking of the multiple motion control camera, varisped Phantom footage clips. Say that five times fast.


Visual Effects
Nice Shoes
Executive Producer
Kristen Van Fleet
VFX Supervisor
Robert Moggach
Onset Supervisor
Peter McAuley
Flame Artist
Robert Moggach
Nuke Compositor
Hardave Grewal
Lorne Kwechansky

This list is incomplete! Contact me to update it.

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