Season 3 "Daisy Chain"

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A harrowing creative brief is one way to describe this project. With a successful third season in production and a psychedelic theme throughout this project started with the simple notion that we would reveal David's personalities through a psychedelic trip that incorporated many of the abstract elements of the show and it's characters.

Starting with multiple passes of a one-shot, high-speed, varisped, motion-control, celebrity talent on green screen - we were tasked to... ideate and simulate in production to find a visual concept while executing the complex visual effects requirements. The project itself was a visual trip full of explorations into various directions and looking for the next inspiration to continue a search for a style that fit the 60s while being modern, illustrative, psychedelic and realistic all at once.

With such a broad brief and a promo budget, I turned to learning Houdini to develop mandala simulations to feed to the team of artists from around the world. Tendril once again didn't disappoint with great crew and a wonderful culture to work in. Schedule and budget were ambitious however we managed to bring it together to deliver a piece that is unquestionably surreal.


Visual Effects
Executive Producer
Kate Bate
Creative Director
Chris Bahry
VFX Supervisor
Robert Moggach

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